Official Telegram For PC Desktop Web – Download for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download and Install Official Telegram For PC on your Desktop Web. Telegram App available for Desktop, Web, Laptop, Windows 10, 8, 7, Linux, Mac for Free. Here, You can get a free link to download telegram for pc. Telegram is a convenient cloud-based application that will work with cellular data or an internet connection. Moreover, you will have a connection with others via messaging & Video Calls. Telegram App will let you share the messages, content, media, and much more with groups of 200,000 people. Best of all, the chats will have end-to-end encryption to provide the safest way of communication. Lets’ get to know more about Telegram App for PC!

This Telegram for Windows 10 will let you share the content in large amounts with several people at a time. For instance, you will be sharing photos, videos, audio, and broadcast messages to several groups. The basic features of this software are similar to WhatsApp, Facebook, and messenger. Another valuable feature of the Telegram App for PC is that you will be able to distribute the content with the link of channels. You will have an option to make channels and share content with others. Telegram Desktop will allow the users to follow the creators, and you will have a large number of followers through the broadcast messaging. Whenever any new post is uploaded, you will have more subscribers. Also, it is competing with Instagram or photo content and Youtube for the videos. Here are some great & useful features of Telegram for Windows.

  • Simple and easy use-interface
  • Remote connection
  • Easy to communicate with more than 200 people.
  • Share file of 1GB video size and audio size.
  • Have free storage space for media and messages.
  • You can create a group of more than 1000 people.
  • It is integrated with several other social media applications.
  • Get the safe and most secure application for messaging.
  • Ads free app
  • Privacy end-to-end encryption
  • The interface is quite intuitive

Download Telegram App For PC, Desktop, Laptop

The telegram application is secure, and it will ensure that the content of the users is not leaked. You will have end-to-end encryption with this amazing Telegram messaging app. It also provides a cloud-based messaging feature. Further, Telegram Web comes with better security as compared to the other Messaging Applications. Telegram Web App comes with a great number of privacy issues, and it is an excellent app compared to the Threema and other messaging signals.

On the other side, you will have no ads in the application. You will be conveniently sharing the data with third-party applications. In fact, it comes with free-to-use features, and it will let you earn a lot of money as well. And the best part? You will have the setup option for the secret chats that will automatically end after a certain time limit.

So are you looking for an option to install this messaging app in your system for free and without any bug issues than you our links for pc and mac? Just Click the below-downloading button to download Telegram for your PC, Desktop & Laptops.

Download Telegram For PC

Telegram For PC Download

Telegram for Windows is an awesome application for your desktop PC. Similar to the other applications of the messaging, you will have a free sharing option, and it doesn’t involve the access of third parties in the Telegram Web App. Best of all, you will have the safest environment for communicating with others while having complete privacy. Telegram PC is much secure than WhatsApp. Due to the option of secret chats, the messages will disappear after a certain time easily. Your communication of the channels will be private, and no one will be able to discover your content, whether it is in the form of text, video, or audio.

Overall, it is not a simple texting application that you can forward to several groups. You will have options to share the content, and it will let you build the community as well as the channels of interest. Moreover, you can distribute the content to more than 100 people easily, and the application is highly self-reliant to share the content.


Application Details

App NameTelegram App for PC
System RequirementsWindows 10, Mac, Linux
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Chinese
LicenseFree/No Subscription
Date of ReleaseMay, 2021

How To Install On Windows, PC, Desktop?

To install the Telegram PC App for windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, you have to use this link of the .exe file. It doesn’t require any emulator to install the app in your system.

How To Install On MAC?

Are you a MAC user and unable to install the app on your system? We will tell you how to do it. You can use our link to the .exe file to install this messaging application in your system easily.

Download & Install Telegram For PC With Emulator

There is an alternative method to install the telegram on PC. You will have the Bluestacks emulator in this case. You can easily use the software once you have installed this vast emulator on your Pc. Telegram will let you install the Telegram PC, and you will have a great UI and super-fast method to send messages for free.

This software will be convenient to use, and you can share the messages easily on several devices at a time seamlessly. So how to install it with the emulator? Have a look at these steps.

  1. Firstly, you have to go on the original website of the Bluestacks.
  2. Now you have to choose the option to download the Bluestacks for PC.
  3. The setup will appear that you can use to install the app on your computer.
  4. You will have the pop-up window of the Bluestacks on your computer.
  5. Also, ensure that your drive has enough space to install this app on your pc.
  6. Now you can set up your google account in the Bluestacks to start using it.
  7. You will see a search bar on the Bluestacks that you can use for searching the telegram app for pc.
  8. The installation will be easily done with the Bluestacks.
  9. Now you are ready to use Telegram for Windows App to send the messages.


  • Telegram Desktop will make content sharing on the channels easier.
  • You will be able to sync the content with several devices.
  • The user interface is quite amazing.


  • The reachability of Telegram Desktop is not much wide.
  • You will not be able to add new contacts to the application easily.

Drawbacks Of The App

One of the major flaws of Telegram Download is that you will not be able to add the contacts easily. You will have a pop-up window after clicking on add new contacts. You will be asking for the names as well.

For instance, you will have an option to import the contacts from the smartphone to the desktop easily. It will also provide you the option to enter the name of the contact and then add it to your application. This feature will be frustrating. It will be challenging to distribute the content to the larger community because the app has a high level of security.

All Features

There are versatile specs of Telegram for Windows that you have to know before downloading the application in your system.

  • Work Fast Speed: First of all, the speed of Telegram Download will be amazing, and you will be able to send the audio and video content without any stuttering. Telegram will provide only one sending and sharing button. You will most a pleasant working experience and sharing will be easier with your contacts.
  • Save Data: You can save the data easily in Telegram for Windows. Plus, you will have free cloud storage for the media and messages. In addition, you will have a Telegram Web App for the computer to safely have access to any device.
  • Group Conversation: You can communicate with more than 200 people at the same time. Plus, it will provide an option of 1 GB of video and audio. Telegram for PC comes with several administrators, and you will have simple access to change the picture and the group names. Also, you can delete or add the numbers in the application easily. It lets you create a group of people with more than 1000 people. You will be taking care of the business and personal messages easily.
  • Easy-to-Use: Telegram PC will let you covert the message in a GIF. You will be sending the messages, video, audio, and other content in the form of emoticons. Moreover, you will have integration with the other applications of the social media apps, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Security: The application will offer complete security for the messages. You will have encryption for the cloud. Also, it will be keeping conversation safe from everywhere. Even the company servers cannot read the chat. Due to the two-factor authentication, you will be able to take a review of your devices easily. Also, you can check the unauthorized logins.
  • Privacy: The privacy policy of Telegram Download is great. You will have access to prevent unauthorized logins in your account. Also, you will have encryption before storing the messages on the server.
  • Ads Free: You will have ad-free access to the application, and it will not cost any charges no matter how many groups you make or add people to it.
  • Intuitive Interface: One of the most fantastic features of this messaging application is that you will have the simplest user interface. For instance, you will have an option to create an account, and it will send a code on your mobile phone. You have to enter a security code, and you will enter a name for 200 people. It will provide an option to make a group of 200 people, and you will be able to text up to 100 people using this app at a time.
  • Flexibility: The application is quite flexible. You will have a desktop and mobile version. It will provide an option to sync the conversation easily to the other devices and channels of social media. Plus, you will have a dedicated application for installing on Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, and Android software devices. You will get a web client to download on the phone.
  • Fantastic Yet Obscure: Last but not least, Telegram Desktop will be quite a fantastic option, and you will have punching tools to make the channels stand out from the others. Besides, it doesn’t have any way to provide the video call option. Telegram Download will be an incredible option if you want to communicate with many people simultaneously.

How to Create Telegram Desktop Account ID

It is not tough to make an id on the Telegram App Account. You just need one valid phone number to use the account of the Telegram App for PC. You will have access to several devices. Plus, you will be able to ensure a seamless texting experience on the telegram download.

Telegram will let you create several accounts, and you can delete them anytime when it’s not needed. In fact, the account will be deleted on its own if you don’t use it for more than six months. Telegram for PC will keep a check on which account is in use.

Similar to WhatsApp, you will have an option to customize the last seen on your app account. The account authentication will be simple because you will get an SMS, and you can make your id in less than 2 minutes.


How To Install Telegram App Web?

You can install the application easily by using the above method. Also, you can open the app on your smartphone after downloading it. You will have a search bar area. Now you can choose the option on the top right corner of the Telegram PC application to find the contact you want to chat with, and there are several features that you’ll find helpful in it.

Is The Telegram for PC Completely Safe?

Yes, this app is secure to send messages. You will have a wide range of specs, and it will provide vast security so you can easily connect with others. This messaging application is the best competitor of WhatsApp and other messaging social media applications. This chatting platform has gained popularity in a short time, and you will never have any privacy concerns with the application.

Why Am I Having an Issue To Download The Telegram for Windows In My Computer?

There are several people who are facing the issue of downloading the application to your computer. You will have some cache issues. Therefore, we are providing the APK file link to install Telegram on your computer. Moreover, you will have quite persistent performance and simple steps to install the Telegram on your PC.

Is It Possible For Anyone To Message Me On The App Of Telegram?

Yes, it is completely possible for anyone to message you. However, you have to give the public access to the application to anyone who texts you easily. You will have the option of global results that will let others search for you instantly. Also, the people who don’t know your number will be able to message you if they only know your name.

How To Track Anyone On The Telegram App for PC?

You can track others on the application by logging in to the application of my control panel. You will have tracking options for not only the texts but calls, GPS location, history of browsing, and several other things.

Is The App Of Telegram Paid Or Not?

Telegram Desktop doesn’t require a single penny. You will have an ad-free application to use. Also, it comes with all the free other features. You will have the communicating application that will be free to use later as well. Telegram comes with the monetizing feature, and you will have the most straightforward option to enhance your business in the future.

What Can I Easily Do With The Telegram App?

  • The application will let you connect with several remote locations.
  • You will have coordination with more than 100.000 members.
  • It will provide you the option of synchronizing the chat with other devices.
  • You will be easily sending the documents to the other devices.
  • It will provide you encryption for business and personal secrets.
  • The app will be providing a feature destruct the message after a specific time.
  • You will be able to build your tools easily on the application of API.
  • The application will store the content in your free cloud storage.
  • You can enjoy the feedback effortlessly.

What Is The User-Interface Of The Telegram Application?

After signing up for your account, you will have a window pop-up on the screen. You will be having a display of your contacts on the side, and the chats will be in the middle. The account will provide you an option of making the new channels, viewing contacts, and go to settings. The menu will let you see the functions in the application. You can view the contacts easily and go to the settings. It will provide a night mode as well. You will have an app with great UI and attractive features.

The Final Verdict

All in all, you saw the specs of the Telegram App for PC. Here we also highlighted the main features. Now you will be able to determine that why Telegram Desktop is so popular. You will have the safest application for messaging instantly to others. Moreover, it comes with end-to-end encryption. Another great thing about this app is that you will not have an interruption of the advertisements.

On the other side, you will not have any risk for your data to share with third-party applications. In addition, the app features the discreet option for the channels as well as chat. Plus, you will have an application that is convenient to send messages to others. Apart from that, you will have the choice of sending the content to more than 200,000 people easily. However, the application is not much versatile as WhatsApp. Indeed, it is tough to create content for a large community, but it will be easier with the telegram application for pc. So install it now with the given link above.